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Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates products

Medjool dates are dates that are distinguished by the elegance and magnitude of the fruit, which tends to be red and one of the most common dates.
Many people want to obtain Medjool dates, which have important benefits for human health.

About the product

Medjool Dates are distinguished by the elegance and magnitude of the fruit, which tends to be red in color and one of the most common dates with great flavor and taste, as well as contains an amount of fiber, which helps greatly to reduce levels of harmful cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood naturally.

Packaging and packing

We are interested in packing the product and packing it and we take great care in order to keep us with high quality so that we pack it inside plastic or paper boxes (cartons) made of high-quality materials that help to keep the product throughout its life in its natural state.

How to save the product

The product is kept inside refrigerated refrigerators to preserve all the nutritional properties and benefits of the product.

Majdool Dates
Production year: 2023Online store
Product Type: Medjool DatesHigh quality
Export Retail sale
All countries world Wholesale sale
Variety Dates Multiple weights
Production city: Madina El MonawaraAfter-sales service
Competitive prices Contact us
Production rates
Vacuum Dates
Date Paste
Date Molasses
1000 gram
800 gram
650 gram
500 gram
400 gram
300 gram
5 kg
3 kg

These product weights are approximate weights, the product weight may be 4% or approx.

Plastic Cans
Carton boxes
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Whatever quantities and types required to be exported globally are provided and restricted to be shipped on time

We always care about all the services that we provide to all our customers, so our goal is to satisfy all those who deal with us.

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